Social Studies:


Students can research where pumpkins originated. When were they first raised? By whom?
What is a jack-o'-lantern? Where did the term come from? What are other meanings of the term jack-o'-lantern?


Demonstrate the concept of “Division of Labor”
Give students directions for creating a specific jack-o-lantern. Divide students into two groups. One group should create the task using an assembly line. The other group should do it individually.


The following information was created by Melanie B. Spell and presented in a WebQuest at the following web address: 20webquest/indexp.htm

Excerpt from the WebQuest:

    1.   Visit the website, The Pumpkin Circle,

    2.   Read the information provided about how to grow a pumpkin.

    3.   Answer the questions that are written below on a piece of paper.

    4.   In the computer lab, type your answers to the questions using a word

          processing program.


    1.   Where should a pumpkin seed be planted?

    2.   How often should a pumpkin plant be watered?

    3.   How far apart should pumpkin seeds be planted?

    4.   When should pumpkins be picked?

    5.   In what sequence does a pumpkin grow? (Hint: There are 6 steps.)

Visit University of Illinois Website:

Visit the website, The University of Illinois Extension Services,
1.   Read the Giant Pumpkin questions and answer section.
2.   Record on a piece of paper 10 questions and answers that you found interesting.
3.   Create a brochure, using your 10 questions and answers, of Tips for Growing A Giant Pumpkin. The brochure should be made out of construction paper. Ask Mrs. Spell for help if you would like to print out pumpkin pictures from the computer