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Where do I park?

The main entrance to the farm is the house driveway.  It is a one way loop that goes through the middle of the fields and exits back on Providence Rd West.  Park on either side of the loop.  Remember it is a one way road.  Additional parking is available in the grass field closest to Johnston Rd.  There is a separate gravel driveway off of Providence Rd West to access this field.

Do you provide handicap parking?
We do have parking close to the sales tent.  Please text us at 704-562-4021 when you arrive and we will help you park.
Are pets allowed?
Sorry, due to health regulations, no dogs or other animals are allowed on the farm.  We love dogs (in fact we own one, too) but please leave them at home.
Can I pick apples at your farm?

We do not grow or sell apples.  There are several u-pick apple orchards in the Hendersonville, NC, area.

Do you have restrooms?
We have porta potties for restrooms and separate hand washing stations.
Do you have a petting zoo?

No, but we have goats, chickens, and potbelly pigs to see on the farm. Please do not touch them as they will bite.

Admission and Prices
Is there an entrance or admission fee?
There is no admission or entrance fee to our farm.  Feel free to bring your family and friends to enjoy our activities (some of which you do need to pay for) and our yummy food (funnel cakes, anyone?)
How much is the playground?

The playground is free to use.  We do not charge admission to our farm.  All children must be supervised at all times.  The playground area closes at the same time that the farm closes.

How much is the corn maze?

The corn maze is $8/person for ages 3 and up.  Under 3 is free.

Do you offer group discounts?

We do not offer discounts.  Admission to the farm is free and the ticket prices for the fee activities (hayride, corn maze) are very reasonable so all of our customers are treated fairly.

Do you offer discounts for church groups, charities, homeschools, other non-profits?

We do not offer discounts. Admission to the farm is free and the ticket prices for the fee activities (hayride, corn maze) are very reasonable so all of our customers are treated fairly.

Do we need to schedule an appointment to come out with our family or group?
You do not need to schedule an appointment if you wish to come visit with your family or a group.  You only need to book an appointment if you want to have a private event, party or school tour at our farm.
Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, we accept cash, checks, and credit cards.

Strawberry Season
When is the best time to come pick strawberries?

The peak of the season is generally late April/early May, but this varies with each season.  Strawberry season generally begins mid April and ends early June.  Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturday mornings at 9 am are when the strawberries are most plentiful.  

Are strawberries in season right now?

Strawberries are in season from mid-April to early June.  Please call 704-562-4021 for availability during those months or check our field condition updates on Facebook.

Group, School, or Party
What ages are good for a school tour?

Our school tours are designed for ages 2 – Second grade (7 or 8 year olds).

Is there a deposit?

A deposit of $125 is required for a group event or party.  We do not require deposits for the school tours.

What is your cancellation/refund policy?

You will receive a full refund if you cancel 14 days or more prior to your party date or if we cancel your party due to inclement weather.

When is payment due?

Payment is due in full at the end of your event.

What is the price for parents or chaperones for school tours?

School tour parents or chaperones are the same price as the child – either $8.50/person or $9.50/person.

How early can I come to set up for my party?

You can come up to 15 mins before your party start time to set up. 

What if I have more than 25 people for my hayride?

Parties that have more than 25 people riding the hayride will be charged $3.25/person for the hayride for each additional person. 

Can I bring in outside vendors (ie bouncy house) for my event?

Food trucks are allowed but must be coordinated in advance with us.  We do not allow any outside amusement companies or activities.

How do I keep the public from my event or party?

Our party area is sectioned off and marked with your party name and reservation sign so the general public knows that they are not allowed in that area.  If the general public is disturbing your event or party, we will take care of it for you.

How many people fit around your bonfire?

Each fire pit has seating for approximately 20 – 30 people.

What type of picnic area do you have for events?

We have a 20 ft by 20 ft tent with 5 picnic tables and seats and one serving table.  Each table is 6 ft long and seats 6-10 people.

What’s included in a school tour?

The spring tour includes (for each child) – one pound of strawberries, a hayride, the playground and eating area and costs $8.50/person.  You can add a strawberry slushie for $1/person (tour with slushie is $9.50/person).

The fall tour includes (for each child) – one pie pumpkin, a hayride, the mini corn maze, the playground and eating area and costs $8.50/person.  You can add a strawberry slushie for $1/person (tour with slushie is $9.50/person).

What should I do about my event if it rains?

We are still open if there is a partial chance of rain or if there is a light rain in the forecast.  We reserve the right to close if the rain or weather becomes too severe to safely operate the farm.  If that happens, then we will call you to either reschedule or cancel or event.  If you decide to cancel, then we will give you a full refund.

Can I rent more than one tent, hayride, bonfire?

Yes, if they are available.  Please download our price list here.

I have a special needs or preschool group that requires a higher adult to child ratio than 1:10. Will I have to pay for the extra staff to attend the tour?

Yes, you will need to pay for the extra staff.  We charge $3.25/person for their hayride and they are considered a chaperone.  If they wish to get all of the tour items (ie, pumpkin, strawberries, or slushie) then they will need to pay the same price as the child.

Can we have a private hayride?

We do not offer private hayrides.

How many people fit in your tents?

Our party tents hold  approximately 50 people.

What are the size of the tables?

The party tent tables are 6 ft in length.

I wish to add pizza, slushies, or other items to my party. When do I do that and how do I pay for them?

Party add-ons are finalized within 48 hours of the party.  You may order them at the time of your reservation but we recommend you wait until you have all of your RSVP’s before placing an order.  You will pay for your add-ons at the end of your party.  The pizza order

Do I need tablecloths?

No, but you may bring tablecloths if you wish.  The picnic tables have plastic surfaces and are 6 feet long.

How many tables do I get?

You get 5 picnic tables with seats and 1 serving table.

What time should I arrive for my event or school tour?

We recommend that you arrive at least 15 minutes before your event, party, or tour to check in. You may also begin setting up for your event 15 minutes prior to the start time.

Do you provide plates, napkins, or eating utensils?

No we do not provide those items.

Can I add other items to my party?

Only the add-ons listed in the party brochure may be added to your party.

How many people does one pizza feed?

One extra large pizza will feed 8-10 kids.

Can I bring a crockpot or other electrical appliances?

Yes, but let us know before your event so we can set up electrical service.

Do you have lighting, power supplies, extension cords available for me to use?

We provide a light in each tent in the fall and electricity for a small appliance can be made available at each tent.  Let us know what you need in advance of your event.

What exactly is going to happen on my school tour?

First you will check your group in and pay for your tour.  Next, our tour coordinator will break you up into groups based on the number of classes you have and your class size.  Then you will be assigned a rotation schedule that will include:  pumpkin or strawberry picking, hayride, corn maze (for the fall only), playground and slushies (if you paid for the slushie option), and lunch.  Each tour takes  about 2 hours in the spring and  2.5 hours in the fall.

Will I have a party coordinator assigned to me to help me with my party?

Yes, you will.

What should be the sequence of events or activities at my party?

Your party coordinator can help you plan those when you reserve your party or closer to your party date.

I want to schedule my group to go picking and go on the hayride at a specific time. How do I do that?

Talk to your party coordinator.  She will help you with that.  We do not have the ability to schedule hayrides at a specific time but we will try to get your hayride as close to your desired time as possible.

I don’t want to walk very far to go picking. Do you provide a separate picking area for my group

If you have special needs or a group with babies or toddlers, then we will help you get to an area that is easy to pick.

Fall Season
Can you donate pumpkins, etc to our next event?

We have a defined budget for donations.  Requests must be made in September. 

Hours and Location
Where are you located?

We are located at 10713 Providence Rd West,  Charlotte NC.  The farm is diagonally across the intersection from the Ballantyne Publix grocery store.

My family is coming from out of town and very far away. Can we come visit your farm even if you are closed?

No, the farm is open to the public only in-season during open hours. 

What are your hours ?

In the spring we are open Tuesday-Sunday from 9am – 7pm.  We are closed Mondays to allow the strawberries to ripen.  Strawberry season typically starts mid-April and ends very early in June.  Every year is a little different so call in advance or watch for updates on our Facebook page.

In the fall we are open the last two weekends of September and then every day in October.  Our fall hours are:

Sunday – Thursday – 9am – 6pm, Friday and Saturday – 9am – 10pm

Can we eat in the field?

No, eating strawberries before you pay for them is theft.  This is how we make our living.  Additionally, they MUST BE RINSED IN WATER before eating. 

Can I leave my child unattended or unsupervised on your farm?

No you may not.  This is a working farm with many dangers and we do not have the staff to supervise children.

Do you allow outside drinks or food?

Yes with the following exceptions.  Pizza deliveries for parties must be from our partner, Hungry Howies.  Place your pizza order with us at least one day before the party day.  Picnic tables in our public tents are  for customers eating food purchased at the farm or your own snacks/sandwiches/etc.  If your intention is anything more elaborate than a bag lunch, then you need to rent a party tent.

Do I need to wash the strawberries before I eat them?

Absolutely! Rinse them thoroughly in tap water.  There are all manner of wild animals doing who knows what on or around the strawberry plants.   

Why do I have to pay for everything that I pick?

Growing and selling strawberries is our livelihood.  If you pick it, you must pay for it.  Otherwise it is theft.  Do not pick what you do not intend to purchase.  Do not let your children pick what you do not intend to purchase.  We will be enforcing this diligently as it has become a serious problem in recent years.

Other Products
Where can I go to pick…..(blueberries, apples, etc)?
Please go to and search by state and county for the fruit you wish to pick.
What flavor donuts do you have today?

We generally make blueberry donuts in the spring and apple cider donuts in the fall, but sometimes we change things up.  Our Facebook updates will let you know if we are making donuts and what flavor they are.

Do your donuts or funnel cakes contain milk or nuts?

Yes, our donuts and funnel cakes contain milk and the mix is processed in a facility that also processes nuts.

How much is the hayride?

The hayride is $3.25/person ages 3 and up.  Under 3 are free.

Do you have gluten free, nut free, or dairy free products at your farm?

We occasionally have gluten free and nut free products.  Please check our Facebook page for daily updates.

What are the ingredients in your slushies?

The slushies contain fresh pureed fruit, sugar, and water only.  The puree is made in a facility that also processes nuts.

Corn Maze and Hayride
What’s the difference between the kid’s corn maze, the big corn maze and the maze on the playground?

The kid’s corn maze and the big corn maze are only available in the fall and have an admission fee.  The maze on the playground is free.  The kid’s corn maze is $1 for ages 3 and up and takes 10-15 mins to complete.  The large corn maze is $8/person for ages 3 and up and can take 1- 2 hours to complete.

What ages are appropriate for the large corn maze and kid's corn maze?

The large corn maze is  appropriate for ages 12 and up by themselves or familes of any age.  The small corn maze is appropriate for any age.

Can I access your farm or corn maze from a walker or wheelchair?

Yes, the farm and the maze is walker, stroller and wheelchair accessible when the ground is dry.  The maze paths can be very rough depending on weather.

Will strollers or wheelchairs fit in the corn maze?

Yes, the maze paths are a minimum of 5 feet wide.

When is the last hayride or corn maze ticket sold?

The last hayride and corn maze ticket is sold one hour before closing.

Do I need a flashlight for the corn maze at night?

Yes, you do need a flashlight.

How many people fit on a hayride?

Approximately 40 people fit on the small hayride and approximately 60 people on the large hayride.

How long does it take to get through the corn maze?

The small corn maze takes 10-15 mins and the large corn maze takes 1-2 hours to complete.

Are children allowed by themselves in the corn maze?

Children 10 and up are allowed by themselves in the corn maze but we recommend they take a cell phone with them.

Farming Practices
Are you organic?

No, we are not “organic”.  We practice Integrated Pest Management (IPM).  This is the managed application of organic and synthetic pesticides and natural beneficial insects to grow a healthy, productive, crop with minimal use of harmful pesticides.  You can help us minimize the use of chemicals by obeying a few simple rules when picking strawberries:  DO NOT step on or attempt to cross the plastic strawberry beds.  DO NOT drop berries on top of the plastic strawberry beds.  DO pick off damaged or moldy strawberries and drop them in the walk aisles.  DO supervise your children and teach them to follow the rules. 

Are you GMO free?

Strawberries are bred with conventional techniques.  There are no GMO strawberry cultivars.